Caitlin Margolin Perry

Caitlin is a massage therapist specializing in Chinese Medicine. The styles of massage therapy that she practices are called Amma and Zen Shiatsu. She uses Chinese Medicine theories and techniques to help you bring your body back into balance. Caitlin believes that your body has the power to heal itself, and is there to remind it how to do so. To best develop an individualized massage treatment, she openly listens to each patient’s story. She also feels the pulse and abdomen, and uses visual cues to get a better understanding of what is happening internally.

Services Offered

Amma Therapeutic Massage

Using the theories and principles of classical Chinese medicine, Caitlin designs each treatment to help guide your body back into balance. Amma massage is a very rhythmic and fluid style of bodywork. It is energetically invigorating, yet deeply relaxing. Amma massage is great for stimulating the body’s circulatory systems, and promoting healing to the body’s tissues. Depending on the client’s needs, Caitlin may integrate other techniques such as fire cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, and manaka hammer.

30 Minutes – $40
60 Minutes – $75
90 Minutes – $95

Oncology Massage

Caitlin has specialized training in oncology massage and is a “preferred practitioner” with the Society for Oncology Massage. By blending Swedish oncology massage and oncology techniques used in Chinese medicine, each custom session promotes relaxation, and eases side effects of cancer treatment. If you have a current cancer diagnosis, or a cancer history, massage techniques are adjusted to make sure you are receiving a safe, comfortable and effective massage.

90 Minute Initial Treatment – $85 (During this session, up to 30 minutes will be spent going over your unique situation.)
60 Minute Follow Up Sessions – $70

Prenatal or Fertility Treatment

Caitlin works with women in all stages of pregnancy to provide a relaxing and safe massage experience. She is guided by her training in Chinese medicine, and uses various techniques to address any pregnancy side effects, discomforts or concerns. Chinese medicine is also very effective in dealing with fertility issues. For those who are trying to conceive, or may be struggling with fertility (female or male), Caitlin provides treatments to help address and identify your individual needs.

60 Minutes – $75
90 Minutes – $95