Catrin Steward

Catrin has been a massage therapist since 2004. She is dedicated to deepening her skills and presence to provide work that is compassionate, intuitive and effective. Her education and experience has spanned diverse modalities and settings. In 2018, two years after beginning her own dance with cancer, she received advanced training in Oncology Massage. She is very excited to continue her career in a way that allows her work safely and effectively to support people living with cancer.

Services Offered

Oncology Massage:

The diagnosis of cancer is a profoundly life altering experience. The
whirlwind of treatment and testing can become overwhelming. Nausea, fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression are all common side effects of treatment. Research supports the use of massage therapy to reduce all of these. Beyond this, massage therapy supports your innate wholeness and deeply personal body wisdom. In all stages of cancer treatment and survivorship, massage can replenish joy and restore comfort.

Oncology Massage – Initial Session

During our first session we will spend some time reviewing your medical
history. We will discuss any questions you have and devise a massage treatment plan. I will ensure that you are comfortable on the table, using bolstering techniques that avoid pressure on tumor sites and promote a feeling of being safely held. I will mindfully employ massage strokes that are slow, gentle and soothing.

75 Minutes – $100

Oncology Massage – Follow Up Session

We will check in about any updates in your medical care or condition. We review any feedback you had from last session and review the goals of your massage treatment plan. Questions are always welcome. I will adjust the techniques and structure of the massage to reflect any changes or new information.

60 Minutes – $75