Liz Perkins

Liz Perkins is a certified Integrative Nutritionist, Cancer Nutrition expert, Nutrition Professor, and Transformational Coach. She is the mom of a leukemia survivor and loves helping families recover health after a cancer diagnosis.
She earned a Master’s of Science in Botany from University of Vermont and a BA in Environmental Journalism from St. Lawrence University. She has certification in Integrative Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Transformational Coaching from HolisticMBA, and Minister Training from The Church of Inner Light, along with trainings in healing modalities such as Reiki, Divine Healing, Stress Defusion and Transmedium Healings.
Liz has a unique skill set and an extensive scientific background. She believes that cancer is creative and so are you.

Services Offered

Peace of Mind Cancer Coaching

Find Peace of Mind after an unsettling cancer diagnosis with a complimentary consultation with Liz Perkins, MS, Certified Integrative Nutritionist. You will leave with several integrative nutrition tips you can apply right away.

Looking for stability during cancer treatment? Find useful nutrition and meditation tips geared towards your chemotherapy regimen in Liz’s Tomorrow’s Chemo Day: Shield Your Body Program (1-month, 3-month, and 6-month programs).

Finished with treatment and hoping to regain energy? Talk with Liz about her Whole Foods Cancer Detox Program, group or individual. Includes two week whole foods detox and 2-month nutritional and energetic rebuilding.

Worried about Late Effects now that you are in remission? Let Liz empower you and your body to bring your organs and cells back up to pre-cancer vitality. Use science-based strategies to rebuild mitochondrial health and regain your energy.

1-Hour Consultation – $75
[Contact Liz for program pricing]