Luke Manson

My formal education includes a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, a certification in Massage Therapy, and a fellowship of Applied Functional Science (AFS). I am a student of movement, lifestyle design, creating in partnership with the body as well as the impact of our mind, our emotions, and our environments on our behavior, and bring that learning to my coaching and therapy practice.

Whether you want to focus on relieving stress, increasing your ease of movement, rehabilitating from pain and/or injury, or enhancing your performance in sport, activity, or life, I can support you on your journey. If you want to live better, feel better, and move better, let’s partner to create a new level of vitality, freedom, and peace in your body and your life.

My intention is to inspire and empower you to embrace, transform, and deepen your relationship with your body so you can step into a new experience of health and well-being.

Services Offered

Therapeutic Massage

Calm your mind and relax your body through this bodywork experience. As you receive a variety of slow, purposeful massage strokes, your muscle tension and busy mind will fall away, creating a feeling of lightness, ease and peace.

Therapeutic massage is for individuals who experience muscle tension, restricted range of motion, overall body stress and/or lack of ease. A variety of soft tissue techniques are used along with a depth of pressure that meets your individual level of comfort.

60 Minutes – $75
90 Minutes – $105
120 Minutes – $140
[Package Rates Available]

Sports Massage

Support your active lifestyle with the performance and recovery benefits of bodywork designed for those who place high demands on their body. Professional athletes aren’t the only people who need a body coach. Sports Massage is a therapeutic treatment option targeting the unique physical and biomechanical needs of athletes.

Sports massage can be used pre-activity/event, post-activity/event, or as an on going strategy used throughout your training process. Your self-care system is critical to your desire and ability to train hard and recover well, but it has its limitations. Supplement with sports massage to get the most out of your body when it really counts.

60 Minutes – $75
90 Minutes – $105
120 Minutes – $140
[Package Rates Available]

Orthopedic Massage

Aimed at addressing the soft tissues of the body as they pertain to orthopedic conditions, this massage approach benefits all and has been shown to be particularly effective in alleviating certain physical injuries, including: back pain, knee pain, tendonitis, neck & shoulder pain, and plantar fasciitis.

Orthopedic Massage is a comprehensive soft tissue treatment system that involves therapeutic assessment, soft tissue remodeling, and movement reprogramming to resolve pain and dysfunction. It can be an excellent complementary treatment along with other forms of rehabilitation such as physical therapy, or it can be used as a stand-alone treatment to regain pain free motion and normal function.

45 Minutes – $60 [not available for initial appointment]

60 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes – $110
120 Minutes – $150
[Package Rates Available]

Movement Therapy

If you’re physically active and/or athletically minded individual who has pain or discomfort while engaging in exercise activities you enjoy, or simply want to perform at a higher level, consider Movement Therapy. This rehabilitation service is designed to manage your symptoms while identifying and addressing the root cause(s) of the pain and dysfunction. Experience relief of painful symptoms, ease in moving about your day, and/or increased performance in your exercise or athletic endeavors.

You will experience an eclectic treatment approach that follows the principles of human movement, based on the understanding of the ways soft tissues function within movement. Each session involves therapeutic bodywork, stretching and mobilizations, and movements designed to meet your specific needs. Because reconditioning the body to function with more efficiency takes consistent work and attention, a customized home program will accompany the treatment sessions. Additionally, together we will explore mental, emotional, environmental, lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your condition. If you haven’t had the success you want with other physical rehabilitation methods, this unique approach could be just what you need.

45 Minutes – $75 [not available for initial appointment]

60 Minutes – $100
90 Minutes – $130
[Package Rates Available]

Note: Pricing includes time I spend beyond our session creating and updating the home programming portion of our work.

Fit For Your Life – Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching

Fit For Your Life is a Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching program for those who want to live better, feel better, and move better. The experience is customized to meet you where you are now, to support you in identifying the direction you want to go, and to guide you on your journey towards who you aspire to be. Together we will identify your specific goals while anchoring to the deep underlying motivation driving you toward them. We will tap into your body’s wisdom and use that to guide the way.

Why choose Fit For Your Life Training and Coaching?
– Regain physical autonomy or achieve a whole new level.
– Create the experience of ease, joy and freedom in moving your body.
– Establish a lifestyle were movement and exercise support the type of life you want to live.
– Engage a comprehensive system that appreciates and engages the mind-body connection while addressing the areas of the nourishment, movement, and restoration of your body.
– Develop a whole new way of connecting to your body.
– Learn how to access and harness the power of your mind, emotions, and actions to strengthen your partnership with your body resulting in greater vitality, resilience, and harmony.

What will you experience?
– A thorough intake and assessment of your lifestyle, health history, mental/emotional/physical patterns, and movement style/preferences and abilities to determine your starting point
– Creation of the vision for where you want to go and the roadmap for how you’re going to get there.
– Customized training sessions and experiences executed in any environment (i.e. movement studio, outdoors, home, or a combination)
– The variety of our work together can focus on developing one or a combination of the following:
– fundamental qualities of health and fitness
– functional strength training and conditioning,
– movement and mobility enhancement, or
– sports/activity performance
– Implementation of environmental (i.e. home, office, etc) strategies to support you on your journey
– Daily practices that support you in maintaining your anchor to your vision

If you want to align your mind, emotions, and body to create a new sustainable experience of health and well being, please contact me to arrange a consultation.