Caitlin Perry’s background in massage is rooted in Chinese Medicine. She blends multiple styles of East Asian bodywork including Amma, Shiatsu, acupressure, fire cupping, moxibustion, and gua sha with her own intuitive skills to take care of each clients’ unique needs.

By actively listening to her clients’ needs, she trusts that they are the biggest experts in their own bodies and empowers them to trust their intuition.

Caitlin sees all people who feel drawn to the work and has extra training in pre/post natal and oncology massage. She offers full body therapeutic bodywork and also specializes in Abdominal Massage, working with people to help ease digestive distress, menstrual irregularities, fertility struggles, depression and anxiety. Caitlin teaches her approach to Abdominal massage to other bodyworkers and healers so they can integrate it into their practice.

Caitlin is a Pampo Mesaiok (medicine/earth keeper and Shaman) through The Jaguar Path, a school within the Q’ero people of Peru.

She offers Shamanic healing sessions where she combines the wisdom of the Q’ero and Taoist Shamans to help guide people towards a state of ease and balance. These sessions offer a way to confront, move through and release stuck energies that we no longer need. Caitlin can work with anyone in any phase of life, and has found Shamanic healing to be especially powerful for people in life transitions, who are grieving, and recovering from a traumatic event.

Ayala Apothecary includes an herbal apothecary where Caitlin sells seasonal herbal products using herbs that she cultivates, wild harvests, or sources locally when possible. You can find some of her products on the shelves at The Wellness Collective, and you can always order from her website for local pickup or to be shipped. If you’re local, check out her herbal CSA!

When Caitlin is not working, she loves spending quality time with her two young kids and husband. They enjoy getting outside as much as possible, tending their small flock of chickens, dance parties, cooking, and martial arts.

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