Caitlin Perry is a Chinese Medicine practitioner, body + energy worker, and Abdominal Massage teacher. 

Caitlin is also a certified massage therapist with 800+ hours of schooling through Elements of Healing School of Massage and Chinese Medicine, where she took their fundamentals (2016) and advanced training (2017). These trainings focused on theory and application of Classical Chinese Medicine through bodywork. As Abdominal Massage is a very important part of holistic massage treatment in Chinese Medicine philosophy, it was a central part of her schooling.

Always working to continue her education, Caitlin has gone on to take classes in Oncology Massage and Shamanic Healing. She is currently working through a series of Visceral Manipulation courses.

From consistently incorporating (and receiving) abdominal massage into her treatments, Caitlin began to understand WHY abdominal massage is such an important part of providing a comprehensive, holistic massage session.

The abdomen is our core, our center, where we make our gut decisions from. It holds and protects most of our vital internal organs. To allow our bodies to function properly, our minds to find clarity, and our spirits to feel settled, we must not overlook the abdomen. 

Despite Abdominal Therapy seeming “taboo” or different from the norm in our culture, Caitlin has diligently (and gently) educated each of her clients about the importance of abdominal massage, giving them the opportunity to have it woven into their session. Over her 8 years of being a massage therapist, Caitlin has worked with 100s of abdomens of all shapes, sizes and symptom presentations. Her first time clients are often surprised at the depth of relaxation and immediate relief they feel during a session that includes abdominal massage.

Explore Caitlin’s bodywork offerings, and if you’re a bodyworker yourself, consider checking out her upcoming Abdominal Massage classes!


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