Caroline began her journey in the holistic health field, by becoming a certified Reiki practitioner. She developed a passion for energy work and from her own experiences with physical pain, learned of the natural abilities our bodies have to heal.

From there she trained at the Lauterstein-Conway massage school (500 hours) in Austin, Texas, where she became a licensed massage therapist and certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist. She also has received her certification as a manual lymphatic drainage therapist.

Though her focus is manual lymphatic drainage, Caroline has studied various systems of the body including craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, which all inform her practice. Manual lymphatic drainage is a rhythmic, and gentle technique that can lull you into a deep relaxation for optimal healing.

Through her sessions, Caroline loves when people experience that you don’t always need what you think you need. Sometimes an elbow in your back isn’t it. Gentle work can be powerful work. Caroline believes that everyone has the power to heal their bodies and creates a space for you to do just that. She specializes in supporting people with auto-immune conditions, pre-surgical prep and post-op recovery.

Caroline is a mom, homemaker and artist. Her love for housewares has recently led her to ceramics which brings her much joy. She also paints, swims, and plays as much as she can.

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