As a Chinese medicine bodyworker the massage Lucia performs is just one tool to help stimulate the body’s natural curative powers. The body is a physical representation of what’s going on in the mind, heart and spirit. Lucia studied Chinese Medicine and Asian Bodywork at Elements of Healing with Scott Moylan. This is her hearts work for sure! Lucia offers a blend of Amma massage, Tui Na and Zen Shiatsu along with other adjunctive therapies such as fire cupping, moxibustion, and more.

This bodywork utilized our meridians/channels and acupressure points on the body, which are connected to our entire life force energy or Qi that seeks a continuous flow in order to keep the balance of communication with our body, mind, soul, heart for ultimate health and well-being. Our acupressure points are connected to entire pathways, which integrates the whole body, connects with all internal organs, while connecting our interior to our exterior (our skin as well as our outside environment).


So why shall someone come to Lucia for bodywork/massage? Both as preventative or acute health care to build your immune system and keep it strong, when you’re not feeling like yourself, injuries, feeling any pain or tightness, experiencing any chronic conditions such as digestive problems, asthma, sleeping issues, menstrual discomforts, high blood pressure, emotional and mental health, when you want pure relaxation, and many more. 

Where there is pain there is not enough free flow of our blood, qi, fluids, emotions. It’s our inner movement and connection that is most important for our well-being. 

Lucia provides a safe and sacred space to practice this medicine. She simply helps to activate our innate wisdom that lives inside all of us. You are lovingly held and supported.

Ready to feel well again?

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