Maureen Jennings offers Foot Reflexology and Reiki to promote stress-reduction and support overall wellbeing. She uses formal training and proven techniques in a caring and compassionate manner to support clients’ wellness goals and overall well-being. Maureen is passionate about providing a nurturing space for clients to rebalance and improve their wellness. It’s deeply gratifying for her to hear how your work together has helped you feel better in body and spirit.

Reflexology supports the body to function optimally through the application of specific manual techniques on the feet, hands, and ears. It works with clients’ own abilities to balance and promote wellbeing, particularly through calming the nervous system and promoting circulation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. Sessions are performed on clients’ bare feet while otherwise fully clothed, making it accessible to many people who may feel physically or emotionally vulnerable with full-body treatments.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. As Level II Reiki Practitioner, Maureen uses her hands to deliver energy to your fully-clothed body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing. Clients can add Reiki to their Reflexology session or schedule a stand-alone session. 

Maureen earned a 300-hour professional certification in Foot Reflexology under Elysia Bates and is currently offering sessions for support with your wellness goals and overall relaxation & wellbeing. She also studied Ear Reflexology with Stefanie Sabounchian. Her passion for exploring healing through complementary therapies spans more than two decades.

A graduate of the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, TX, she previously worked as a licensed massage therapist and has pursued additional training in Advanced Anatomy of the Foot, Foot Reading, Zero Balancing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Energy Medicine, and Reiki. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Reflexology Association of America, the national membership organization for professional reflexologists.

Maureen generally works with adults seeking space and opportunity to recalibrate and rebalance, and/or augment their ongoing care. Specific health goals are discussed and developed in context of other professional treatment you may have had or are currently pursuing. 

Maureen has been working on people’s feet since she was a child sharing the couch with her siblings! In massage school, she realized that she loved working on feet and received great feedback on her technique. Upon her first visit to a reflexologist as a client, it helped her realize that she could combine her life-long interest with specialized training to provide an excellent and caring service to others as a certified reflexologist.

As a life-long learner, Maureen continues to read about and train in various reflexology techniques and allied modalities. She also loves taking long walks and exploring Vermont on her bicycle. Maureen is a fan of British mysteries and enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and is a lover of all animals, but especially her cranky old orange cat!

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