Monica was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014 and has been living blissfully gluten free ever since.

After hearing of her diagnosis, Monica’s first thought was, “I am going to starve!” since gluten seemed to be in everything she loved! She lost some weight because she was too afraid to eat much since she didn’t know what foods contained gluten and which ones didn’t, and she didn’t want to continue to feel sick. It was hard living a gluten-free life at first.

Through reading and learning, finding gluten-free foods became easier. As Monica learned about how to find “gluten free” foods and where gluten sometimes lurked, she began to have less anxiety about getting exposed to gluten and also began to feel so much better. Since she had nausea and a stomach ache most days before her diagnosis, she began to realize what it was like to feel well again once she was on strict gluten-free diet.

While educating herself, Monica also started to bake gluten foods such as cookies and muffins. Many of them turned out terrible and but some were successful. Her gluten-free baking improved thus allowing her to have some pretty tasty food. Although gluten-free foods may taste different than gluten foods, they can be just as yummy!

Through her research and experiences Monica has learned so much. Although it was very challenging for her at first, she now lives a happy and healthy gluten-free life and has prepared many delicious gluten-free meals and baked goods. She have found so many great gluten-free recipes. Monica’s hope is to provide some guidance and information to individuals and families to blissfully live a healthy and happy gluten-free life.

Monica is now an Integrative Health Coach and also a Certified Gluten Free Practitioner. She is a celiac/gluten free health coach for families and individuals who struggle with protecting themselves from getting exposed to gluten. She has solutions that help people easily live and eat gluten free at home and with friends or family in order to have a higher confidence in food choices, improvement in health, and a blissfully gluten-free life!

Monica lives in the beautiful state of Vermont with her husband, and has two kids.

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