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Yoga Classes

Our boutique studio features amazing instructors, small class sizes, and a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels. This combined with our beautiful studio space, convenient location, ample parking, and the lowest prices in town sets our studio apart. Whether you are a dedicated yogi or drop in on an occasional class, we hope you will make The Wellness Collective Studio your new yoga home.

  • Drop-In Class - $12
  • 5-Class Pass - $50
  • 10-Class Pass - $100 [no expiration]
  • Pricing for specialized classes may vary
Awareness Through Movement: The Feldenkrais Method [group classes]

Feldenkrais is a way of learning that helps many find new ways to live with their body. Some people come to it in order to reduce pain, others to improve movement and some to simply enjoy finding new things about themselves. The instructor verbally guides each group lesson, with reminders to “Go slow”, “Do less”, and “Rest”. At the end of a lesson, each person has done what he or she could and so each will feel differently. Some people mention “taller” others say “relaxed” still others may say “lighter” or more “stable”. Prepare for a class by wearing loose comfortable clothing and suspending your judgment of yourself.

  • Drop-In Class - $10
    [Package pricing available]

Private Yoga w/Teresa Wynne

Private yoga sessions are a great way to empower your personal yoga journey. They are a place to feel nurtured where your needs and interests are met. Everyone can benefit from a tailor made yoga session. They are great for people working with physical limitations, or new practitioners looking for the skills and confidence to join group classes. They can be used as a space for relaxation and meditation or a time to dive deeper into yogic philosophy. The initial session includes a twenty-minute consultation to discuss your needs and design your personalized practice.

  • 60 Minute Private Yoga Session - $40
  • 3 session pack - $108
  • 5 session pack - $170

Private Kripalu Yoga w/Marissa Lueders

Kripalu Yoga is a contemporary approach to Yoga, which not only emphasizes how you practice, but how you live your life. It conveys the authentic spirit of Yoga in an accessible way. It is suitable for all levels, and all ages. Learn breathwork, warm-ups, centering, awareness, meditation tools, and postures to enhance well-being. Experience being in your body on a highly profound level. In private sessions, address self inquiries with guidance that is both empowering and experiential. Individual sessions are specialized, and offer a safe space for exploration. Develop a transformational and practical relationship with Yoga, and learn to take your Yoga off the mat.

  • 60 Minute Private Yoga Session - $75
  • 5 session pack - $365
  • 10 session pack - $700
  • New Client: 3 sessions for $180
  • Other packages available

Private Pilates Reformer w/Marissa Lueders

The Pilates Reformer helps facilitate mindfulness and healthy movement patterns, in a safe and supportive environment. Develop an awareness of breath and a strong Mind-Body connection. Work towards healthy alignment, and benefit from increased strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Pilates helps the body learn both stabilization and mobilization, resulting in functional stability and movement patterns. The Pilates Reformer is an excellent tool for injury prevention as well as rehabilitation. The Reformer is suitable for all levels, and provides a safe yet challenging platform to work towards your personal goals.

  • 60 Minute Pilates Reformer Session - $75
  • 5 session pack - $365
  • 10 session pack - $700
  • New Client: 3 sessions for $180
  • Other packages available

Private Mat Pilates w/Marissa Lueders

Pilates unites the mind and body by building awareness, addressing imbalances, and teaching healthy movement patterns and stabilization. Pilates builds both strength and flexibility, teaches healthy alignment, and enhances coordination, balance, and breath awareness. In one-on-one sessions, address personal inquiries and goals with attentive guidance and support, in a low impact format. Mat sessions are enhanced with props, and training can be provided for home practice.

  • 60 Minute Mat Session - $75
  • 5 session pack - $365
  • 10 session pack - $700
  • New Client: 3 sessions for $180
  • Semi-private Mat Session - $50/person
  • Other packages available

Private Yogic & Lifestyle Instruction w/Sarab Kaur

Yoga can help you to heal your body, mind, heart and soul. Whether you would like to de-stress or need help restoring a particular system of your body, would like to alleviate anger, anxiety, or depression or would like to add clarity and focus to your mind, yoga can help you restore balance and become a more conscious creator of your life. With a background in Kundalini Yoga, Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga and as a Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist, Sarab Kaur can help you refine your existing practice or assist you in developing one to help you achieve your goals. Sarab has been practicing, teaching and studying yoga since 2001 and during that time has experienced tremendous growth and transformation. She has the knowledge and experience to help you along your evolutionary journey of becoming your greatest Self. Take the next step toward improved health, happiness and fulfillment and book a private yoga session with Sarab in our lovely studio today.

  • 60 Minute Private Yoga Session - $60

Studio Rental

Are you looking for a space to host your own wellness related class, workshop, or event? We have daily and hourly space rental rates available, and are also always open to opportunities for collaboration.

  • Hourly rental - $30 [Full time used including setup and breakdown. Additional charges for set up support, supplies, etc.]
  • Daily Rental - $200
Classes, Workshops, Retreats, & More

In addition to our Yoga Program, we offer a number of weekly, monthly, and one-time classes and workshops on various topics. Offerings have included Group Meditation & Mindfulness, Dance, Qi Gong, Nutritional & Herbal Education, Bodywork Instruction, Wellness Retreats, and more!