Ally Nadeau

Ally Nadeau

Ally Nadeau is a woman — wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend — who has seen the many ups and downs of life. Through her personal challenges and the speedbumps she’s hit on her own journey towards spiritual wellness and physical health and fitness, she has learned about the many ways that humans handle stress and carry pain, the lasting effects this can have on their lives, and the importance of establishing a foundation of self-care on which a happy and meaningful life can be built. The way we interact with and frame our environment impacts everything from our diet to our routines to our physical health. Ally’s goal is to help you feel better about yourself from the inside out, paying particular attention to how you feed your body (in diet and actions) and how to use that fuel to build self-love and confidence.

Ally is a certified Health Coach, Life Coach, 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, PiYo Live Instructor, Core de Force Instructor, Level I Reiki Specialist, and Foam Rolling Specialist. She brings light, energy, and fun to all of her endeavors. Her passion is to share with the world what she has been fortunate to learn. She believes that health is a journey not a destination, and she is ready to walk that path with you as a cheerleader by your side. If you’re looking to go to the next level in any area of your health journey, give Ally a call.

Services Offered


Rei, means Universal or Spiritual wisdom, and ki life energy. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique, with laying hands on and/or above different parts of the body promoting healing with Universal energy. Reiki balances, promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves our self-force to heal, realigns the chakras (energy centers within the body), increases energy, focus and positive thoughts, resulting in an improved overall well-being.

30 minute Session – $45
60 minute Session – $75
Package Pricing Available

Health Coaching

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle that works for me has given me insight into the many challenges that one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. The one thing I want you to know, is that I am not selling you anything. I’m asking you to invest in yourself. I’m not pushing any specific “diet” or one way to do things. I believe every body is different and runs on different fuels. My purpose is to help you find out which foods fuel your body. This is paramount to feeling better inside and looking and acting better outside. I offer Systems, Support & Accountability to get you from where you are now to where you want to be by discovering what’s been getting in your way and how we can change that, together. I believe that every body is different and your body’s needs are different than my body’s needs, so there is no one size fits all diet or one quick fix that will work for everyone, but together, we can get you clarity, energy and back to health. Just how good would you like to feel inside and out?

Initial Consultation (20-30 min) – Free
60 min session – $75
Package pricing available

Yoga Classes

Our boutique studio features amazing instructors, small class sizes, and a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels. This combined with our beautiful studio space, convenient location, ample parking, and the lowest prices in town sets our studio apart. Whether you are a dedicated yogi or drop in on an occasional class, we hope you will make The Wellness Collective Studio your new yoga home.

Drop-In Class – $12
5-Class Pass – $50
10-Class Pass – $90 [no expiration] Pricing for specialized classes may vary