Marty Machia

Marty believes one must be Whole in order to be healthy and happy. What does this mean? Wholeness can look different for everyone. The common thread is the welcoming of All parts that make us dynamic human beings. To be willing to go inward and see and feel both the “light” and the “dark”, and everything in between. This also involves the marriage of mind, body, soul, and energetics. To leave nothing behind and embracing it All, while simultaneously shedding All that isn’t authentically us. Marty has learned the importance of self love and acceptance as a path to wholeness both in her own extensive inner work and her career. She is in her seventh year as a Registered Nurse, specializing in end of life. She is also trained as a movement guide in Buti Yoga, and is a long time Reiki Practitioner with her Master Teacher Level. Marty strives to create an environment in her sessions that provides a container for powerful healing while being safely held.

Services Offered


Reiki is an ancient healing system that involves gentle laying of hands on the body. The practitioner serves as a conduit, in which life force energy moves through their hands into the recipient. Originally developed in Japan by Mikao Usui, it eventually made it’s way to the West by the way of Reiki Master Teachers. Reiki meets you exactly where you are, providing healing to any or all levels of your system: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Life force moves to where it is needed, providing a simultaneous release of what is no longer needed, and a filling up of new energy and nourishment. A session often leaves one feeling deeply relaxed, empowered, and with greater clarity.

30 minute focused session: $50
60 minute focused or full body session: $80