An ancient wisdom tradition, astrology helps you observe the universal and behavioral patterns that impact your consciousness. Jennie uses your natal horoscope to help you gain greater self-understanding and self-acceptance, supporting your emotional wellness, creative inspiration, and desire for better relationships. Committing to deeper introspection unleashes your intuition and reveals your connection to others and the natural world in a surprisingly practical way. Jennie integrates meditation, yoga, and a deep reverence for nature into her astrological practice.

Jennie has been fascinated with the zodiacal symbols and mythology since early childhood. She turned to astrology during difficult times in life, finding it to be a helpful tool to navigate life’s challenges. As she continued to explore the depths of astrology, Jennie became inspired by a core question: If she could heal herself through this ancient tradition, what could she offer to others?

The name Hidden Path resonated with her, as it reflects the idea of excavating and nourishing one’s relationship with themselves, others, and nature.

As a scientist, Jennie had to overcome her own skepticism to embrace astrology fully. She also saw that something was missing in the empirical data-driven approach to her scientific studies. She realized the issue was that science struggles to accept and measure the impact of subjective experience. Things changed as the lines of science began to blur into the realm of metaphysics. 

As the layers of these interwoven disciplines became exposed, she felt the layers that obscured her vocational path also peeling back. Her hidden path, revealed.

Now committed to astrology full time, Jennie is delighted to share her unique perspective with others, encouraging them to embrace introspective questions as they navigate their own paths in life. Through her work, she hopes to empower others to find meaning and purpose in their struggles, just as astrology has done for her.

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