Kirk Jones, owner of Evolvlove Sound Therapy, is a master sound healer and bioenergy therapist that uses the power of light, sound, and vibration to assist people and planet to heal and harmonize in wholeness.

Twenty years ago, Kirk awakened a memory, an unmistakable resonance with the power and beauty of the rich, ancient tones of bronze singing bowls.

Witnessing the vibrational influences on his spiritual and healing evolution, he chose to learn this sacred science to enhance the lives of others. 

Through private healing sessions, meditative concerts, restorative yoga classes, and transformational workshops, Kirk has assisted about two thousand people on their journeys, bringing great joy, relaxation, pain relief, emotional release, spiritual elevation, peace, and clarity.

Kirk is honored to provide online and in person healing sessions, workshops, sound baths, and trainings in vibrational healing across the US and internationally. 

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