Macy Margolin (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker, offering virtual psychotherapy to residents of Vermont. 

Macy was inspired to become a therapist through her own experiences as a therapy client. Her personal ongoing journey and curiosity for what it means to be a fully alive human in this strange era are foundational to her therapy practice.

As a talk therapist, Macy’s style is practical, warm, dynamic, and candid. On any given day you might find her referencing an ecological theory, a poem, or stand-up comedy. She believes that if you are coming to therapy, there is something you are hoping to change (even if you’re not sure what that something is). For that reason, she approaches your time together not only with compassion and acceptance but with a level of honesty and directness that will allow you to truly explore your challenges together. ​Talk therapy is a dynamic, collaborative process that Macy tailors to each client. Sessions are pragmatic, experiential, introspective, and challenging, to support you in healing, growing, and changing in meaningful ways. Any given session might include guided mind-body exercises, breathwork, memory processing, visual exercises, and just talking through it. You will slow down and tune in in ways that most of us don’t as we move through our day-to-day lives.

Macy considers herself somewhat of a generalist in the psychotherapy realm. She works with a variety of people who come to therapy for a variety of reasons. She can help both individuals and couples. Oftentimes people first come to therapy because they are feeling stuck in some way. Macy loves to help people who had difficult childhoods work through their trauma patterns so that they can have healthy, fulfilling relationships as an adult. 

With all of her clients, she helps them to work on gaining greater self-awareness around subconscious and unconscious processes and patterns. Specializations include: family of origin trauma, interpersonal challenges, psychedelic preparation/integration, couples counseling, life transitions, and more!

There are so many things Macy loves about being a therapist! In our world today, there are so many distractions to our attention, and it can really impede the depth of our relationships, but in therapy you have the opportunity to put down your gadgets and really enter into the slowness and depth that is necessary to live a thoughtful and healthy life. Macy loves facilitating this opportunity. She is also just a lover of the complexity of what it means to be human; she finds harmony in supporting people in identifying and navigating the strange paradoxes of life, and learning to see the patterns of their being in new and liberating ways. It takes a lot of courage to truly heal and change! Macy is frequently struck with gratitude for the relationships she has with her clients.

Macy received her Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin. She frequently engages in continuing education around the topics of psychedelics, couples counseling, and somatic mindfulness approaches.

Macy is a new mom, a baker, a potter, and a lover of good food, art, and music. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and has a profound love for wilderness. She enjoys the outdoors, running, yoga, gardening, pottery, sewing, baking, and being a perpetual beginner at the violin. Before becoming a therapist, she worked as a farmer, ski instructor, wilderness therapy guide, and restaurant server. Most recently, she was a talk therapist and ketamine-assisted psychotherapist at Roots Behavioral Health in Austin, Texas, where she guided over 300 ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

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